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#1 Locally trusted

trash hauling and debris removing company Since 2002.

Junk Removal Solutions in San Luis Obispo County

Central Coast Hauling offers full-service junk removal solutions in San Luis Obispo County. We are a local business and have been serving our beautiful central coast since 2002.

We aim to assist with the hauling and removal of junk. We cater to all types of customers. You will not find a better trash removal option than us!

Central Cost Hauling
San Luis Obispo Junk Removal Experts At Work. Ian Gomez and Miguel Gomez

Our Clientele

Central Coast Hauling has served various types of customers to get their junk hauled away.

  • Renters
  • Homeowners
  • Contractors
  • Realtors
  • Property management

Central Coast Hauling is your locally trusted junk removal service since 2002. If you require junk removal or trash hauling, we are here to help! We operate mainly in San Luis Obispo County.

Cost-Effective Services

We are your #1 locally trusted junk removal partner since 2002.

We provide excellent services at competitive pricing, and our team of professionals strives to provide you with a garbage disposal service that is beyond reproach in terms of efficiency, thoroughness, cost-effectiveness, and environmental consciousness.

Central Cost Hauling
Central Cost Hauling
Junk Removal in Arroyo Grande